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Who We Are

Abel Elevator Consulting, Inc. is a concierge elevator consulting service firm with nearly a decade of experience in the vertical transportation industry. Our personalized service is tailored to assist your organization through the often confusing landscapes associated with asset budgeting, modernization, maintenance contracts, legislative requirements and inspection processes. With extensive exposure to most of Boston’s prestigious elevator corporations, we are sure to have options to fit your needs, no matter what the budget projections.

Abel Elevator Consulting Inc - CEO Corinne at BOMA conferences
Abel Elevator Consulting - Corinne with elevator technician

Our passion is to create a unique and safe vertical transportation plan tailored to the specific needs of the vertical assets and more specifically to those who use them.

What We Do

There is a daunting responsibility in managing your building and every system in it. Maintenance and repair for your elevators and escalators will likely require a significant amount of your time and money. It is our ultimate goal to help you save significantly in both of these priceless resources.

With your most valuable building asset in our focus, we aim to protect, educate and lend our resources and knowledge to ensure your vertical transportation component is safe and at optimum performance.

Abel Elevator - Elevator Repair Technician
Every person who walks through the doors of your building is served by your vertical transportation system. As opposed to other systems within your building, elevators and escalators are highly visible to every tenant and visitor, so reliable function is a priority. We aim to help our clients create vertical transportation systems that function reliably and safely, while creating an outstanding experience for all that enter your doors.

Unfortunate circumstances arise where you might have felt stuck operating at the mercy of elevator contractors who do not follow through on their agreements. You do not have to experience the void of helplessness. It is our feeling that you deserve much better.

We work closely with owners, developers, property managers and engineers throughout the many phases of the vertical asset lifecycle. This includes elevator and escalator safety, modernization, service and repair, and elevator compliance. Our team is continually up to date on new technology, manufacturer’s regulations, local codes and design trends.

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Our conscious proactive mindset is what makes us the perfect business partner that provides a customer-centric approach for both your asset and team.

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